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Purpose Transportation understands the specialized nature of freight shipping for the automotive industry. While you focus on developing and marketing your core product, we focus on delivering your product to the market on time and undamaged.

The potential for supply chain interruption in the automotive sector is always a threat.  Whether an interruption is caused by natural disaster, industrial action, quality failure, financial instability, sudden demand surge, bad weather or a combination of these issues, it is imperative to have the services of a logistics company that can act quickly, be proactive and supportive.

The specific need to respond to time-critical production requirements is a proven skill for Purpose Transportation. Car manufacturers (original equipment manufacturers or OEM) choose Purpose Transportation to protect their brand image by providing aftermarket expedited freight to distributors and to dealerships. OEMs realize that customer satisfaction in their brand is of huge value; Purpose Transportation helps keep OEMs’ promises to their customers by getting the parts to them on time to minimize vehicle off-road times.

Emergencies do not have to mean unnecessary expense due to uncontrolled routings.  Experienced staff employ the most cost-effective solutions to meet the time constraints and geographical criteria of each shipment. Purpose Transportation’s unrivalled service helps prevent downtime across the automotive supply chain. Critical to this is a high level of attention for the goods in transit. Shipments are monitored and tracked with the utmost care, customer communication is maximized and immediate advice on any deviations from the planned routing, including alternatives, is promptly given.

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