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Amusement & Gaming

Amusements and games are serious business, and you need a provider who understands what's at stake with your shipments.  We have sought-after experience and expertise that makes Purpose Transportation the choice for shipping your amusement equipment – either across the country, around the world or even across town.

Shipping electronic equipment, including computers, servers, theater equipment, machinery and more, is a complex process requiring efficiency and the utmost care available to protect these high-value items. Purpose Transportation understands all the details involved in shipping electronic equipment, and we work with you to ensure every aspect of the move goes as planned.

We understand that shipping electronics includes many valuable items critical to running your business. Our Operations Specialists plan all shipment activities to ensure your electronic equipment arrives safely and on time. We ensure all your items are safely packed and loaded, and you have the highest quality movers ready to assist in unloading.  Our substantial fleet includes padded vans, climate controlled vans and air-ride equipment to further protect your valuable investments during transport.

To learn more about Amusement & Gaming service, please contact our Operations Department at 866-986-4584 or click (here) to request a quote.

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