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Warehousing & Distribution

Ensure efficient distribution channels for all your customers by utilizing our warehousing and distribution services. As market conditions and customer demands change, we provide integrated operations, warehouse, and transportation services that are perfectly scaled and customized to meet your needs.

Our warehousing capabilities offer your operations the flexibility to scale your warehousing usage to your needs at a specific time.  With more than 100,000 square feet of warehouse space, we cater to companies and individuals in need of small or large amounts of warehouse storage space.  We provide warehouse services for short-term or long-term inventory storage, drop shipping services with most any carrier for shipment through our freight and expedited shipping services.  In addition to providing warehousing options, companies and individuals can choose to use our services for transloading and cross docking services.  Purpose Transportation manages the shared resources such as management, labor, equipment and space to ensure productive and cost-efficient service solutions.

Vendor Consolidation
Large companies with many vendors can reduce late deliveries and lost revenue through vendor consolidation.   We work with you to systematically combine orders from multiple vendors to create full truckloads to your location or sales outlets.  This reduces the high transportation costs associated with shipping LTL (less than truckload), and helps ensure consistently on-time delivery.

Benefits of Vendor Consolidation

  • Reduced Dock Congestion at Final Delivery Point
  • Reduced On-Hand Inventory
  • Better On-Time Performance
  • Lower Transportation Costs
  • Less Handling (fewer damages)

Fulfillment Services
Now that you’ve gotten the order, let Purpose Transportation support your brand efforts by providing complete order fulfillment services.  We can group and ship your product through our extensive network of carriers to provide rapid, cost-effective delivery to your customers. 

Combined with our warehousing solutions, Purpose Transportation focuses on the best way to help you maintain customer satisfaction by tailoring unique solutions for your specific packaging and shipping requirements.

Let Purpose Transportation help control your cost and improve your cash flow by managing your transportation and distribution costs.  We leverage years of operations experience to match your company’s particular needs so you can focus on your business.

We can provide you with

  • Transportation & Distribution Network Analysis
  • Opportunity Identification
  • Network Optimization
  • Mode, Carrier and Route Optimization
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis and Solution Implementation
To learn more about our Warehousing & Distribution services, please contact our Operations Department at 866-986-4584 or click ( here ) to request a quote.

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